18ft Skiff Championship Tables

2013-14 18s Queensland

Cob & Co Perpetual Queensland Championship
BoatR1PtsR2PtsR3PtsR4PtsR5PtsR6PtsProg PtsDisc PtsFinal PtsPlace
PB Towage1010231010236331
Winning Appliances35.735.71023231017.45.711.72
Team Ullman2323DNF10DNS104835.739.71029.73

2013-14 18s Queensland Handicap

BoatR1PtsR2PtsR3PtsR4PtsR5PtsR6PtsTotal PointsDiscardFinal PointsPlace Overall
PB Towage35.7102310484824.7816.72
Winning Appliances4835.710232335.725.4817.43
Team Ullman2323DNF10DNS1035.71031.71021.74
Crouch Cup for Overall Handicap on Queensland Championship

2013-14 18s Club

Vince Kreutzer Memorial Club Championship
All "odd" races points are based on scratch placing, for "even" races the handicap places are used.
BoatR1PtsR2PtsR3PtsR4PtsR5PtsR6PtsR7PtsR8PtsR9PtsR10PtsR11PtsR12PtsTotal PtsDiscardFinal PtsPlace Overall
PB Towage10481023102323232348318231
Team Ullman4835.735.7102335.71048482347.1839.12
Winning Appliances232323dnc11.7dnc11.74848101035.754.111.742.43

2013-14 18s Aggregate Points

Hansons Jewellry Annual Aggregate
Progressive points after 06 April 2014
PB Towage1702.08
Team Ullman1685.84
Winning Appliances1156.29
Nicstar Global76.11

The alternative table showing the points only per race is more compact – is this easier to read?  Would love feedback.

Copy of 2013-14 18s Cob & Co Perpetual Queensland Championship

following Race 2 - showing points only
BoatR1R2R3R4R5R6Prog PtsDisc PtsFinal PtsPlace
PB Towage000001
Team Ullman336062
Winning Appliances5.75.711.4011.43