12s – 10th November 2018

Another cracking day on the bay. 10kts east forecast and that’s pretty much what we got. Nicely powered up big rig in the first race and kicked a few in the second to make it interesting.

Ghetto took the guns but there was plenty of action.

Giddy Up with sub @Ben Roxburgh and Tank Girl with @Shaun Thompson nailed the first start and took off towards St Helena.

Ghetto had a shocker and tacked out through myriad 29ers to find a lane.

The other two must have had a luffing battle as when we head back towards the top mark we were in front. Plenty of big shifts and pressure change.

Tankers second round the mark then @Paulooooo. Sporting a 2 kite on a short pole with the halyard down a bit Giddy Up was a bit like a cherub and just as slow against the bigger kites.

But fortune favoured them as a stray out of control Nacra 17 swerved to attack the Tank Girl on the blind side causing drastic avoidance manoeuvres and a swim.

The Wingman with @Jono magic and a new vang system entered the feast at the bottom mark and gave them some dirty air up the next work. The 1.5 rig was going well and a 2 kite was also in their weapon bay. Ghetto streaking away just watched them all fighting down the run with Tank Girl too fast with the only big kite. Giddy up 3rd rolling Wingman that didn’t cross the line.

Second start and this time it was Ghetto and Tank Girl battling off the line. Waved goodbye to the 9er early and thought we would be match racing to the top. But then Wingman comes from nowhere (out of the sun) reaching down to sit next to us for a while.

We tacked to head back to the centre of the course leaving Wingman and tanks to engage. Giddy up had bugged out early to the right and was just off the furious pace

Ghetto rounded first with talkers up our ass die to a knot in the halyard. They couldn’t go over so got stuck under us until gybing out early

I think wingman was next followed by giddy up.

Plenty of targets out there and it was as choppy as Sydney Harbour on labour day. Nacra 17s are pretty loose and best given plenty of room. Ghetto had the better run and took a tidy lead into the bottom mark which we held for the rest of the race.

Tankers 2nd again holding a good lead over the wayward Wingman and Giddy Up lacking a good 20 kegs for the weather. @Stephen Tapsall

Breeze kicked a little for the 2nd lap so we had some good skips and hops. Nothing like last week with the 3rd but certainly better than 10knots at Lame Cove.

Better be lots of big rig at the inters because we have been training in it.

The 18 took to the water with @David Hayter , @Elliott Mahar and @Alex Watson on board with the big rig. Looked like they had it wicked up as they did a whole bunch of laps from green up the creek. Jack Tapsall subbed in for Alex and showed them what 50kg and 6ft 13 inches could do for power to weight. One to watch in the future.