12s – State Titles Race 5 and 6 – 28th March 2015

"Ghetto Sled" ripping it 2015 Inters

“Ghetto Sled” ripping it 2015 Inters

The big showdown finally arrived.. With more hype than BMads first time, and with only a week to go before the Nationals, the Brissie 12’s flooded down to the bay to race the final two heats of the QLD State Titles.

The Forecast was fun with 15-20kts forecast but only 10-15 blowing during rigging time.. The lawn was split between those who thought it would build and those who thought they could man handle it around the course regardless. I wanted to go 3rd, but left the sails in the loft. Man-up it had to be.

The start was delayed 15mins as a few of the boats had to assist with rescue boat duties. Unfortunately there were only 3 skiffs lined up for the first race with the remainder sailing madly in a fading breeze to get up to the start before cut off.. Ghetto got the jump on the fleet by tacking first in an easterly shift with Paulo and his little blue boat following behind in 2nd.. Allwood Sails was being driven by young Joshie and were 3rd around the top.. Wingman and Tank Girl followed and had made a few gains on the fleet after starting a little late…….

Wingman had 2nd rig in and with the breeze softening to a fairly shifty 8-10kts.. She had a bit of pace on poor Joshie who’s 3rd kite just couldn’t pull like Buddha on a road trip..

Ghetto held the lead at the bottom with Giddy up (POM) in 2nd.. Wingman was now in 3rd and Tank Girl (Also with 3rd rig) who had gybe set was coming in hard to round in 4th.

The second work saw Ghetto stretch their legs a bit and while keeping a loose cover on Giddy up extended their lead to be “comfortable”.. The remainder of the race saw very few position changes with the only fluctuation being Joshie making a move on Tank Girl (most action she’s ever seen) and finishing in 4th place..


The second race began a bit better with all skiffs contesting the start and a nice 10kts flowing down the course.. (I say nice because I was on one of the 3 skiffs with 2nd rig plugged in..!!) Ghetto and Wingman were locked in a balls and all battle pre-start with Ghetto pulling the trigger a moment sooner than Wingman and when the gun went Wingman was spat out the back.. Tacking off was the only option.. With the inconsistent breeze left was paying all day but if you got the right shift the right was ok too, but you had to be pretty lucky.. Wingman was the only skiff going right and when we tacked back we were on a glorious bit of puff.. We were all but high fiving when we were knocked hard and dumped in a hideous lull.. Thanks a lot Hughie..!!

Ghetto once again showed their bottom end 2nd rig speed and were first around the top. Giddy up followed and Wingman 3rd.. It was looking like it was going to be the first race all over again until BMad decided to get fancy and pull the kite up and out at the same time like all the cool boats (with shutes) do… Unfortunately it didn’t work too well and it pretty much just came out of the bucket and in to the water.. Paulo tried some acrobatics to stop her from going over but when the rudder goes you’re history.. Wingman did some fancy footwork to avoid their falling rig and cruised in to 2nd place.. Now I haven’t mentioned how close the points were going in to this day of racing.. Ghetto and Tank Girl were on 4 and 5 points.. Wingman and Giddy up were on 9 and 10 points, battling for 3rd and 4th (Giddy up held the lead)..

1266630_815070595205598_3564485741452453585_oAnyway back to the story… With Giddy up in the water, Tank Girl, Allwood and Leisure Suit Laurie all passed them.. This was good news on board the Wingman and yes we did high 5 that one..

The second lap saw Ghetto extend their lead from “pretty comfy” to “ass whooping” when Wingman had to stop to get rid of a mighty big clump of weed.. from both c’board and rudder..

It was on this lap where Paulo hit the go button and passed all the boats that had flipped him the bird while he was standing on his c’board.. Revenge is oh so sweet..

Unfortunately for Giddy up they didn’t have enough pace to catch The Wingman so they had to settle for 3rd.

A big well done to Richard and Benny Cross for their maiden State Title. Very well deserved and you showed the fleet you mean business with only a few days now until the Aussie Titles..!!

Until next week Send it, Don’t Bend it..!!



Results states 5_6

Couple of random photos from this season included for some colour.