Season opening races this weekend!

It’s that time of year when the dust, leaves and cobwebs are hosed off the boats, skippers and crews try to find those lost gloves or booties, and rock up to the rigging area scratching their heads trying to remember just which rope goes where, and trying not to have too many bits left over after finishing!

This weekend looks like it will be more than cobwebs blown off the boats, with a multitude of various Saturday 1pm forecasts ranging from a moderate 12kts WSW (Willyweather), 18kts gusting to 27 WSW ( – see the widget on the right for a two day forecast at any time), and 24kts WSW (Seabreeze – average).  It can be counted on being a WSW breeze at least!  Just wondering if the “westerly” rule applies down at Manly like it did on the River?

Good winds and welcome back to all of our skippers, hope you have a hoot!

How it's meant to go - Witty in 30kts


Let's face it - it's probably going to end in a few tears!