Carnage on the Bay

Ben talks about their new primary sponsor, APC Logistics and preparing the boat and team for the World Title in Sydney in February. He also covers up his nervousness for the conditions reasonably well.



How Low Can She Go?

It was a new moon and the tide was so low you could almost walk to St Helena Island. A solid 20 knoter was standing the chop up to create 2-3 foot trenches with white caps. The breeze strengthened as the afternoon progressed and the tide just kept draining out of the bay.

BlueWire, APC Logistics and Queenslander1 made the start while the Queenslander boys thought better of it (you know, with Michael’s wedding on the next weekend. We couldn’t have him damaging any ‘vital’ organs before the honeymoon.) Not to waste a good day out, Chris skippered the start/rescue boat.

The three boats were handling the conditions, but they had ‘a bit on’ to say the least. The overly long start sequence gave them just enough time to get into trouble.

BlueWire pulled their jib cleat out of the deck and nursed it home while ACP Logistics displayed some spectacular acrobatics, diving into a wave and spearing the prodder into the mud, snapping it in half. (I told you it was shallow.)

While APC were off drilling for oil, Queenslander1 made the start and rounded the top mark – their 300kg crew weight coming in very handy.

By this time the bay was getting ugly. With half the fleet already home, a stricken 12 with no rudder pin and Laurie attempting to walk it home, the race was called off and everyone was rounded up.

The Bay didn’t feel like playing today. She was in a mood and no amount of flowers or chocolates were going to cheer her up. Not to worry, we’ll go and have a few rums and wait till she cools off. See you next weekend, Honey.