12s – 21st September 2019

12ft skiff with spinnaker

A packed lawn greeted us as we prepared to take on Waterloo Bay’s NE breeze again in our trusty little, but powerful, skiffs.

The young guns in their “drive it like a rental” grey skiff had the #2 rig ready to go, as they didn’t have a spinnaker for the #1. We decided to follow suit to make it interesting. Paulo decided to go ‘full 4th’ with his 2 whippets on board.

The three 18s stood well proud of the fleet with their 10 metre masts and required the ramp to themselves to launch. Or perhaps people were just standing clear with uncertainty. No faults and the B18SC skiffs took start 3 by storm against 29ers, finns and a moth. All except Ghetto Sled who decided the course instructions on the back of the start boat was the starting sequence and we were first off the rank. 2nd round the top mark with only a F16 in front.!!! Then we sent it downwind at a leisurely 12kts and sailed through the other skiffs coming upwind.

Round the bottom mark, we decided to take the short windward mark this time, as that’s what the Scummers did to stay in front of the 18s. Didn’t finish and waited for ever for the second start.

Started correctly this time and gave the 18s a bit of stick off the line. “I thought they were fast”. The Ships of Death finally got their act together and had legs on us in our underpowered 2nd rigs. Scum had a great start and crossed ahead of Ghetto a few times up the first work. Ghetto tried to pick the 30degree shifts and snagged the race lead by 25metres at the top mark.

Wind had built a bit but we still only had 13 knots max on the speedo downhill. It was a bang the corner type of course, with a touch more breeze on the left.

The next lap saw Ghetto slowly ease away and the 18s were well in front. I hear they had a good battle and are gaining experience each day. Big fleets on the northern course keeps things interesting. Need more 12s and 18s to show the slow boats what they’re missing.