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12s – Heat 7 & 8 Report

N-E-S-Westerly..!!! WTF The 8am thunderstorm scared almost everyone away from the bay but by lunchtime there was a steady 10kt NW breeze and glipses of sunshine. Terry “million dollar man” Ellis with his brand new knee took the reigns of the Ghetto Sled and Ben got out of bed on the right side after a […]

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12s – Heat 5 & 6 Report

The forecast was there… Did anyone listen..?? HELL NO..!! The 18’s went big.. We had a delightful NE breeze blowing and we figured we could probably handle the Westerly if it came in with 2nd rig.. Hmm So we launched.. Video footage will show Tristan and I were pretty nervous… Something crazy was going to happen… […]

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12s – Heat 3 & 4 Report

  Good morning..!! Have you all recovered from that epic day on the bay.?? Well wasn’t it another amazing weekend for those of us ON THE WATER..!! Perfect blue skies.. 27 degrees and a solid 15kts from the North.. Wouldn’t be dead for quids..!!! The rigging lawn was chockers.. With five 12’s on their side, and four 18’s, it […]

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12s – Heat 1 & 2 Results – 17th Sept

From the Brisbane 12 Foot Skiff Blog – http://qld12ftskiff.blogspot.com Well didn’t Brisbane turn it on for the first race of the season..!!! The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and PB Towage was flying..!! Even with the less than inspiring forecast, there was still much excitement amongst the troops.. 5-10kts increasing to 10-15kts through […]

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