Galloping Ghosts

Australasian 18-Footers 1890 – 1965

“With every scrap aloft, carrying more sail than many larger keel yachts, and the crew driving her as fast as possible on the edge of control, no other yacht captures the attention quite like an 18-footer in full flight.”

After 10 years of intense and detailed research, Robin Elliott has documented the colourful history of the 18-foot skiff in his incredible new book, Galloping Ghosts.

Elliott’s depth of knowledge and authority on the subject is unquestionable. He deftly dissects the inter-club politics and radical development innovations from Brisbane to Sydney and Perth and across the ditch in New Zealand.

It is his page-turning story telling, however that brings the enigmatic figures of the early 20th Century to life – the savvy marketing skills of Mark Foy and JJ Giltinan, who made sailing the popular spectator sport that it is today and the vibrant and slightly insane men who chose to sail these extraordinary boats.

Elliott’s engaging style coupled with amazing photography that has to be seen to be believed, make Galloping Ghosts a must read for any yachtie, particularly those from The Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club, who’s history is traced unbroken for 117 years back to 1895.

The book is for sale in our online store for $49.95 and if you get in quick, Robin will be in Brisbane this weekend for the Historic 10-Footers Championships (March 24th and 25th 2012) and can personally sign a copy. There will be a book launch and no doubt a few stories traded, so make your way to the Brisbane Sailing Squadron over the weekend to learn first hand what it was like to sail a historic 18-footer.