Season Programme

Season 2013-2014

18ft Skiffs Only

12ft Skiffs Only

10ft Skiffs Only

Note: Weekends marked “Spare” may be utilised to recover abandoned races for any fleet on the usual day of sailing.

2013-14 Season Programme (all fleets)

DayDate18ft Skiffs12ft Skiffs10ft Skiffs
Sat31/08/2013Training DayOpening Day
Sat07/09/2013Training DayPoints
Sat21/09/2013PointsPatron's Trophy
Sat28/09/2013Malcom Kampe Perpetual1st & 2nd Races Club Championship
Sat05/10/2013Ladies Committee PerpetualReid Memorial Handicap
Sat12/10/20131st & 2nd Races Club Champs3rd & 4th Races Club Championship
Sat19/10/2013George McCartney MemorialPoints
Sat26/10/20133rd & 4th Races Club Champs5th & 6th Races Club Championship
Sat02/11/2013Points (away race)Points / Away Race
Sat09/11/20131st & 2nd Race Qld ChampionshipJack Reid Memorial
Sat16/11/20133rd & 4th Race Qld ChampionshipPoints
Sat23/11/2013King Of Bramble Bay (Sandgate)7th Race Club Championship (Sandgate)
Sun24/11/2013King Of Bramble Bay (Sandgate)8th Race Club Championship (Sandgate)
Sat30/11/2013Len Crutchfield MemorialPoints
Sat07/12/20135th & 6th Races Club ChampionshipPoints
Sat14/12/2013Points (away race)Points / Away Race
Sat25/01/2014Mrs McCartney MemorialPoints
Sat01/02/2014Eddie Smith MemorialPoints
Sat08/02/20147th & 8th Races Club ChampionshipJohn Reid Memorial
Sun09/02/20141st Race Club Championship 1st Race Jack Reid memorial
Sat15/02/20145th & 6th Races Qld Championship9th & 10th Races Club Championship
Sat22/02/2014Jean Reid MemorialJean Reid Memorial
Sun23/02/20141st Race Qld Championship
Sat01/03/2014PointsAlan Reid Memorial Race 1
J.J. Giltinan Series (Sydney) 1 - 9 March 2014
Sat08/03/2014PointsAlan Reid Memorial Race 2
Sun09/03/20142nd Race Club Championship
2nd Race Jack Reid Memorial
Sat15/03/20149th & 10th Races Club ChampionshipAlan Reid Memorial Race 3
Sat22/03/2014Sprint Races / Away Race11th & 12th Races Club Championship
Sun23/03/20142nd Race Qld Championship
Sat29/03/201411th & 12th Races Club Championship1st & 2nd Races Qld Championship
Sat05/04/2014Interstate Challenge3rd & 4th Races Qld Championship
Sun06/04/2014Interstate Challenge5th & 6th Races Qld Championship
Sat12/04/2014Bert Spring MemorialBert Spring Memorial
Sun13/04/20143rd Race Club Championship 3rd Race Jack Reid Memorial
Fri18/04/2014Nationals (Brisbane)EASTER
Sat19/04/2014Nationals (Brisbane)EASTER
Sun20/04/2014Nationals (Brisbane)EASTER
Mon21/04/2014Nationals (Brisbane)EASTER
Sun27/04/20143rd Race Qld Championship 4th Race Jack Reid Memorial
Sun04/05/2014Nationals (Brisbane) dates TBC
2013-2014 Season Programme for all fleets of Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club.
- 18ft and 12ft Skiffs sail from DPSS unless noted otherwise
- 10ft Skiffs sail from BSS