Venue change – sailing 8 December 2012

Code Flag Lima - Notice to Competitors

News just in from Club Captain Trisso, this Saturday’s racing will now be held from RQYS.

  1. Collect a gate ticket from the office
  2. Registration will be at the sailing office. Fee is $15 from memory for a casual entry.
  3. Ensure all trailers are kept near the entrance road, not in the middle of the lawn.
  4. Safely and slowly through the main channel, be mindful of other traffic in the harbour.
  5. We still require rescue boat volunteers as these need to be manned to support our fleet.
  6. No perving on the hot windsurfing chicks (sorry BMad)
  7. Start time is 1:30 pm sharp, they won’t wait, so don’t be late to rig up!