Winter Racing – 23rd May 2015

DSC01634sml3rd rig was the rig for the day, top of the tide at 230 so out going for the race sweet. But let’s put you all in the picture. Wayne and I would have sailed 4 times total together last year. The word rusty comes nowhere near it.

Hit the ramp near capsize getting the boat out of the cradle. Rudder when in well after the repairs. Tack and headed for the bay. Wayne jumped out and soon after I tried a few times by then we were about the rock wall where the breeze was steady 15+ I’m out. 0.02 seconds after that the nose when down and both rudder and centre board where parallel to the water. Lucky it was high tide. Lucky again, the start boat made room to miss us, otherwise they would have done a QR on Skinny to us. Got that out the way worked up hill as the start boat was still make their way to the course, and set a kite to get the rest of the rust out nice two string ride. Now talk about rust, just after the bear away Wayne turned around and said “what rope do I pull again”. Got to the start and hit it like a pro and raced off the 16’s, 505 and a few sharpies. When to round the top mark (which one, there was hundreds out there yesterday.  We decided to go around the little pink one with no other boats anywhere in sight. Oh this reminders me Wayne and I are both short sighted and we don’t wear glasses while out sailing. Popped the kit and sent it hard best ride ever “again”. Sending it and landing on that bit passed the back of the boat that’s not a planning surface” Finished the first race lasted but the first ride was the reason you sail 12’s. Wayne said his arms are two inches long after it.

Second race the same as the first but we round each mark just behind the Sharpies. Great ride left right and centre.

Great day for 12’s to show off their wares, the young’s ones around the ramp keen to know more, Comment of the day, a father was asked by his daughter is that their big rig, the father replies yes, I then said sorry dad but this is our 3rd the big is another 2mt longer, pointing to the bid mast still on the trailer.

Best Winter sail ever, bring on the next one 21st of June. Let get a few more out there.

Send it but don’t bend it.

On the water.