About the Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club

The Brisbane 18 Footers sailing Club sail more than 18 footers.  We cater for sailors of all ages and experienced levels.  Our classes include Historical 10 foot skiffs, 12 foot skiffs and of course the 18 foot skiffs.

Our boat shed and clubhouse is at 5/433 Wondall Road, Tingalpa and we sail in two venues –

  1. Moreton Bay from the Royal Queensland Sailing Squadron (Saturdays, 12ft and 18ft skiffs)
  2. Brisbane River from the Brisbane Sailing Squadron, Bulimba Point (some Sundays, Historical 10ft skiffs)

For those interested in sailing both the 10s and the 12s / 18s, the classes never sail on the same day so you can do both if you are keen.

Let us know if you want a run on the fastest sailing mono-hull in the world.

The 18ft skiff is a high performance craft that will test even the keenest of sailors.  A slow reaction could mean the difference between survival and swimming.  With a crew of three, the 18ft skiff  teams are often looking for permanent or casual crews, so if you’re interested, please contact us via our contacts page.

Arguably the most overpowered mono-hulls

The 12ft skiff is an unrestricted development class, which results in high sail-area to length ratios.  The Brisbane fleet has a number of custom builds with extremely narrow hull widths by comparison to other regions sailing the class, and while highly competitive it’s also a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

Both classes are incredible fun if you like faster-paced sailing and some good, close racing. The atmosphere is friendly and supportive and our support people are always there to lend a hand or tow you home.

The Wingman

Historical Skiffs

The Brisbane 18s Club are also active in sailing Historical Skiffs, replica boats of the pre-1950’s era. These come in a variety of sizes – 6ft, 10ft, 12ft and 18ft. In Brisbane, the 10s race on Sundays in the Brisbane River from Bulimba Point.

Occasionally we are joined by our Sydney counterparts from the Australian Historical Sailing Skiff Association (AHSSA) for larger regattas either in Brisbane or Sydney.

The Historical 18s usually race over the May long weekend bi-annually, and with 5 to 10 crew on board, it makes for a very fun and social long weekend.