Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you sail 18ft and 12ft Skiffs?
Our 18ft and 12ft skiffs get to stretch their legs on Moreton Bay, sailing from the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron on Saturdays
Where do you sail Historical 10ft Skiffs?
Our Historical skiffs sail on the Brisbane River adjacent to the Brisbane Sailing Squadron (Quay Street, Bulimba) on Sundays, generally once a fortnight.
What if I can’t come every week?
While it’s obviously better for you to be able to make every race, of course it is understood that sometimes things crop up that will mean you can’t make a race (“you’re not bl—y going sailing again are you?”).  Generally, the more notice the better for the skipper to be able to arrange an alternate crew for the day.  Our season is also devised around having at least the last weekend of the month off, and at least another weekend marked down as a reserve only, so you can plan to have a life outside of sailing, no matter how foreign that may be to some of our salty sea-dogs.
Do I need any special gear?
Depending on the boat you choose to sail, the gear will vary.  Suggested gear is as follows: 12 and 18ft skiffs – you’re going to get wet, so a wetsuit or something to ward off the wind chill; wetsuit boots recommended but alternatively some sandshoes with non-marking soles e.g. Volleys; gloves; trapeze belt (usually one can be loaned until you’re ready to commit); PFD recommended; rashie, hat, sunscreen. Historical skiffs – wetsuit boots recommended but alternatively some sandshoes with non-marking soles e.g. Volleys; gloves; PFD recommended; rashie, hat, sunscreen; you’re less likely to get wet, so a wetsuit is not as critical – also some owners may provide a crew jersey to wear on the water.
Do I need much experience?
That depends. The 18ft skiffs do require a reasonable level of experience in a similar high performance dinghy class. We have boats for those with a little experience, however we do not currently hold formal training courses. If you have experience there are opportunities in Historical 10s, the 12s and the 18s. You are welcome to come and talk with us on sailing days and you may be able to go out on the support/rescue boats.
Do I need to be a member to sail?
You can use a Sail Pass temporary membership to try out the sailing at our Club. After three races, you will then be asked to join as a member. Check out our Membership page for more information.