Club Membership

Membership is charged annually, and we have a variety of membership options to choose from.

Any member who sails is required to include the Sailing Australia fee as part of your membership charges. This is a recovery of the Club’s affiliation fee to Sailing Australia under the harmonised One Sailing approach. This is regardless of whether a similar recovery is paid at another club. Through the Club’s affiliation, a number of insurance programs are available for personal and equipment coverage. Race volunteers are also strongly encouraged to include this option to take advantage of the insurance coverage.

If you are new to sailing, then Sail Pass is the option for you. Sail Pass provides you with all of the coverage of a sailing member while you are learning the ropes, without the burden of joining for a year. Think of it like a temporary membership while you figure out if sailing is right for you. For the Brisbane 18 Footers Sailing Club, using Sail Pass is valid for 2 months or 3 consecutive races, whichever is first, then you will be required to apply for membership.

Full Membership $150
Full Membership (Pensioners) $50
Youth Sailing (under 18 as at 1st June of the current FY) $30
Sailing Australia recovery fee $81
Sailing Australia “youth” recovery fee $43
Associate Membership (non-sailing, non-voting) $20
Sail Pass – introductory sailing membership (per race) $5

Eager to participate regularly?

Our busy lives can change almost from week to week it seems, so sometimes a permanent crewing spot may come up part-way during the season.  If you’re keen to participate, contact us today.

Sail when you can

Most of our boats require 2-3 crew. Although the race calendar allows for plenty of weekends off, sometimes it’s difficult to make it to all the races. This is where it’s handy to have a spare crew member.

We almost ALWAYS need reserve crew members.

So, if you would like to sail, let us know below just how often you can make it and we’ll get you a run as often as we can.

Ready to join?

Payments can be made by Cheque, cash or direct deposit (bank details are included on the membership form).

If you can spare some time to help us race or come for a sail yourself, let us know.

Membership Forms

  • Downloadable membership application form
  • Renewal form (renewals are not accepted after 30 June — please use application form)
  • Sail Pass (you will be directed to Sail Pass portal — coming soon!).


  1. Click on the relevant link above and either save and print, or print the form in your internet browser window if it opens that way.
  2. After you’ve printed and signed the completed form, either scan and email back ( or bring down in person.