10s – Race 1 Club Championship / Jack Reid Memorial

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Three boats rigged at Bulimba Point for the first race of the season, with some local retired sailors visiting – a good boost of interest as the 10s have not sailed in over a year.  While Avro’s “A” team was reunited, both Truant II and Jessie welcomed new crew members, with Kevin McCartney for’ard hand for Truant II and a new generation on Jessie with Sarah Goodhew joining her mum Sue on Jessie.  Sarah sailed sheet, putting Sue in the slightly unfamiliar position of for’ard hand.

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The race was in a flood tide with a 10-12 knot breeze that varied from E tending to ENE with an occasional puff from N.  For some strange reason (probably due to a few creaky knees following the rigging), a short course was decided – down river to Taylor Street and back. Truant II and Jessie started at the leeward end with Avro mid-line, which turned out to be the prime position as Avro took an early led coming up to the old clubhouse.  A good windshift for Truant II and the requirement for Avro to dip a moored boat saw the lead change, however the contest remained close for several tacks.  Jessie was not far behind considering she was using a smaller rig than the other two skiffs so the crew could get accustomed to their new roles.

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Past Apollo Ferry, the front two boats gained ground and Truant got around the buoy first. A smart set by Avro saw her crack the wool before Truant II, and then the battle began!  Slowly Avro managed to sneak up the bank out of Truant’s lee, and with a bigger spinnaker was able to make better going of it, beating Truant by 45 seconds.  Jessie, with masthead kite followed, taking a more mid-river line to pick up the building flood, and finished a further 4:15 behind.

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The handicap results count towards the Jack Reid Memorial, and it was pretty close with only 1:25 between 1st and 3rd, but Jessie triumphed over Truant II by 10 seconds, Avro 3rd.

It was a good sail to get the cobwebs out, ready for the next race on the 2 March.

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