Bribie Skiff Fest – a photo essay

As the sun rose into a clear blue sky, and the residents of the peaceful hamlet of Bribie Island began to stir, a tricked out black Rav4 pulled into the park beside VMR. Its occupants started setting up camp, and were soon joined by a seemingly endless procession of cars and fourbys towing behind them a motley flotilla of weird looking craft.

What are these strange creatures descending upon the sub-tropical isle’s serene shores, the residents wondered?

Oh….that’s what they are….


As the sun sinks slowly in the west, and these strange creatures leave the water, pack up their craft, their mobile sailing office and their rescue boats and make their way homeward, tired but happy…(hopefully…), the island residents watch them cross the bridge and disappear into the gathering dusk and say to themselves….


….”what the hell was that??”

Thanks to Treasurer Julie for the photos and majority of the words.