Calling all volunteers!

Like all sporting events, our fair sport needs help in getting the races up and running… someone with a loud voice to take entries and ensure those entrants are on the water with sufficient time to make the start area BEFORE the scheduled start, and drivers and crews for our support boats which act in committee boat and rescue boat roles.  Thankfully we already have someone with a loud voice, but we do occasionally come up short in securing crews for the support boats.

We’ve set up a Roster system, so that way you’re not always required to be here and can either enjoy your weekend elsewhere (as if) or maybe score a ride on a skiff!  The aim is to have a driver and crew allocated to both boats each weekend.

Drivers are of course required to be competent operators and have all necessary legislative licences to drive the boats – if you don’t currently have a licence, you can still assist us by crewing for the driver, and your time on board can be counted towards gaining your own licence.

Further, we can also arrange for VHF licence testing!

Contact details are available on the Roster page.

Pic only partially related… we now operate two 5m+ RIBs