Down to the Wire

Brisbane 18s battle it out in light airs

Racing report – Saturday 26-2-2011

Once again, it was a three boat race with Witty at the Giltinans and Queenslander short a crew member this week.

Light conditions made sailing out on Moreton Bay just superb for spectators and other competitors out on the water. Daryl and the boys on the Dash Co. Building 18 certainly gave Red Claw a run for their money this week.

Close Brisbane 18 Footers Racing

Close Brisbane 18 Footers Racing

The start saw Firetruck and Dash get away quickly while Red Claw fumbled with their on-board camera, which left them at the back of the pack. After regrouping they sat under Dash Co and Bulimba Fire Truck all the way up the first work.

By the top mark Red Claw had passed Firetruck and was ready to pounce on Dash Co Building, but upon setting the kite the Red Claw boys realised that the tack line was not through the cleat. Magiver, (Nathan Schmitman) and Toby Poulsen teamed in the boat, one holding the tension on the kite while the other threaded it thru correctly.

(Ref rule 1 – Don’t run late to rig an 18)

Firetruck caught them again before the bottom mark and Dash Co had opened up a huge lead.  Red Claw pulled out all the stops and pushed the boat extremely hard to get the gap back to around 200m at the top mark.

Red Claw Two-Sail Reaching

Red Claw Two-Sail Reaching

This time around a perfect spinnaker set pulled the skiff up to maximum speed with 3 on the wire. As Dash Co was setting up for a gybe, Red Claw did a slam-gybe to cut inside them at speed. Another great bit of crew work from the guys enabled them to roll over the Builders to get through to the lead. All they had to do was hold their lead on the last lap … and they did.

It was a great day. Everyone pushed themselves to learn what really makes these boats tick.

Red Claw will be working with Ben Kelly from Sailtech Sails Brisbane to develop a new set of sails. Count down to 2012 JJs 2012. The Claw is Training hard.

Red Claw are also seeking corporate backing to support our QLD (Red Claw) team to make sure we have the right equipment for next years’ championships in Sydney.


1st– Red Claw – Adam Young. Nathan Schmitman, Toby Poulsen
2nd-Dash Co Builders- Daryl Dignam, Paul Christofis, Brett Ryman
3rd– Bulimba Fire Truck – Laurie Williamson, Josh Mc Andrew, Bill Wheatly