Will 18ft skiffs get wing sails?

I’ve been following Thomas Jundt’s development of a foiling 18ft “skiff” with interest over a number of years.  The aims for development in 2011 are pointing to use of a “solid” wing sail, similar to those used on the C Class catamarans and that seen on the BMW Oracle America’s Cup trimaran earlier in 2010.  Development of the 18ft skiff mainsails seems to be limited to moving from the “pin” top to the “square” top, and now the “turbulator top” as sported by Jono Whitty on Panasonic.

The question begs to be asked – will the 18ft Skiffs ever sport a solid wing sail?

Thomas’s Blog: MIRABAUD LX – le bateau volant » Blog Archive » Projet 2011.

Press release in English for the 2011 Program

3D Model showing the wingsail on Mirabaud LX